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What Are The Benefits Of Coriander Seeds?

Posted by Admin on July, 21, 2022

Coriander Seeds are one of the spices consumed in every house. It is put in various types of dishes as a spice, garnishing agent and many other ways. It belongs to the family Apiaceae. It is annually cultivated by the farmers. This is cherished by every household.

Benefits Of Coriander Seeds

It is put in almost every dish. The reason for this is that it contains various minerals in it. In addition to it, there are vitamins and antioxidants in it. These things make it beneficial for our health. Some of the health benefits it possesses are:

• It has vitamin K which if it is taken in the right quantities, will help in increasing your body’s blood coagulation power. It is also believed that vitamin K helps to increase your bone health.

• Coriander seeds behave as an antioxidant. So, it is helpful in removing the free radicals from our bodies.

• If consumed, it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

• It lowers our bad cholesterol levels.

• It has anti-inflammatory properties.

• Blood sugar levels are reduced by it.

• It is also very essential for skin health.

• It prevents hair loss.

• The menstrual cycles are also maintained by it.

• Eye health is also maintained by it.

• It helps to treat diabetes.

• The digestion is well maintained by it.

In addition to these benefits, there are also other benefits of coriander seeds. This makes it the best choice to add to your cuisine.

Nutritional Information Of Coriander Seeds

The nutritional information of the Coriander seeds has variety. 100g of coriander seeds contain about 0.5g of total fat. The sodium content in it is about 3.7g and the dietary fibre is 2.8g. The other contents present in the seeds are proteins, calcium, iron and potassium.

It has a wide variety of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K and others. Very less amounts of niacin, carotene, potassium, phosphorus, etc. These nutrients present in it make it suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

Product Specifications

The price of 1-kilogram coriander seeds is around Rs 90 to Rs 105. Coriander Seeds Supplier provide the fine-quality product. The quality and the standards of the product are maintained. No preservatives are added. The naturally cultivated coriander seeds are provided to the clients.

The packaging of the product is done in plastic packets. The shelf life is ensured to be long. The product is supplied worldwide. The approximate shelf life of the product is 1 year. These are cultivated in India.

The suppliers and the company of the coriander are very particular about their product. They ensure that no defective product is reached to the buyers. The buyers are given this product by the suppliers at affordable prices. The customers need not worry about the quality of the product.

If customers want to know about the product details, they can check the sites online on the internet. There are many companies dealing with this product. Every detail is given about the product on the site. You can choose the product according to your preferences.

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